A peaceful oasis, a tranquil setting, where you can unwind from the pressures of the day. A pure holistic feeling settles into your body, where you can escape and relax in a paradise, right in your very own backyard. It's time to kick back and reconnect with Mother Nature and join us in our world of water gardening.      

These are just a few of the great benefits of what we can introduce to you and your family by installing one of our custom-made, natural-looking ponds, waterfalls, streams, with a wide variety of decorative water features.

Vacation at Home

Now imagine a natural backyard habitat with wildlife all around. Enjoy the buzz of the dragonflies, and the soft singing of the many varieties of birds that will be attracted to the soothing sounds of water as they hear it cascading and gently splashing over the waterfalls. At the waters edge, brilliantly colored fish darting in and out of the blooming, tropical, water lilies.  Soon to become your family's favorite vacation spot.

waterfall stream pond

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How Water Can Benefit Your Business

Water draws people in, and will impact your business in many ways. Water will set your business apart from all of the others in your community.

A well designed landscape including a water feature will get more attention than a comparable storefront without it. It will invite people in and on to your property. Dramatic and strategically placed water features serve as focal points to the properties appearance and keeps people coming back.

  • Shopping Centers
  • Golf Courses
  • Office Building Courtyards
  • Community Entryways



Indoor Water Features

Peaceful… Tranquil…

Enjoy the tranquil sound of water in your home, or place of business. Water features are great additions to medical offices, hospitals, restaurants, spas and any other business. We will create a visually stunning work of art that you will be proud of. Our indoor water features provide many benefits.

Relaxing… Holistic…

Relax and unwind stress-free with the calming, soothing sounds of water. Enjoy cleaner air as the water attracts airborne particles as it gently flows down the face of the water feature.

Choose from many styles and finishes and we will design a custom built feature to fit your desires. All water features are low maintenance and can be built into a wall or cabinet, free standing, or wall hanging allowing for flexible decor solutions.


Options could include a beautiful stainless steel or copper frame, with either a glass or piece of natural stone the water can flow over. For a special touch lighting can be incorporated into each feature.